>Communitysinger: Richard Ragnvald<

Since his great country breakthrough in 1993 with the song " Thank you because we 're friends ' success has almost no end wanted to take the popular singer from Smiles city , Aarhus. This is not least numerous , highly sought after CD releases up through the '90s, which eventually resulted in the entire six gold records for Richard Ragnvald . The 6 gold titles are " I have a dream " " My friends " " My zodiac " "Hits the Danish top 98 " and most recently, a double gold record , " Giro 413 " which is a publication by various artists. This is hopefully not the last productions , giving Richard Ragnvald such great honors.

Richard Ragnvald currently busy touring all over the country , where the very professional and incurred soloist wherever he appears , enjoying tremendous popularity among its loyal audience. Everyone knows about his many catchy songs and hits, which of course is part of , and , not least , do you him from the many top rankings on its Danish pop charts , both on local radio , and in particular from the DR Danish Loaf, Richard Ragnvald , by the way , holds the record of being the number 1 most weeks in a row. Indeed, it was for 16 weeks as a safe number 1, with the breakthrough hit " Thank you because we are friends " in 1993. Later came the hit song " Dear little grandmother " who has been , and is , one of the most requested songs in the Giro 413, since it was released in early 1994 and is still played almost every Sunday.

It 's not just the radio that you were able to enjoy Richard Ragnvald 's lovely songs. The TV appearances on popular singer has gradually been countless . Richard Ragnvald has appeared on all national television channels , with many of the biggest hits he's had over the years , and he has , moreover , had his own hour-long program , with Jørgen de Mylius, on DR 1 , on the occasion of its 40th anniversary artist .

It has also been able to experience Richard Ragnvald in TV programs :
" Do you know the type" - "Hit song" - prisoners at the fort " - Community singing at Bakken " - " Danish public service " and that some of the largest you can find to be parodied by Line 3

In addition to having performed hundreds of times all over Denmark , it has also been to several performances abroad RICHARD Ragnvald , including in the United States , in Mallorca , the Caribbean, Thailand , on Gran Canaria, in Greenland , Faroe Islands, Sweden and Norway, where Richard Ragnvald occurred at one of Scandinavia's largest dansegallaer Polar Centre in Tromsø - with the biggest Scandinavian names. The show was recorded by the Norwegian TV - NRK.1 .